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[quote=»Dini» post=1977]Hey,
I hope it’s okay that I ask in English :dry: I understand Spanish, but I (still) have some difficulties in writing :D…[/quote]

hahaha Welcome Dini, and thanks for sharing your questions in our community it’s a great chance to have a feedback of non-spanish native people here.

I have to say, my english isn’t really good, i learnt playing some video games, seeing movies and reading lyrics «don’t expect too much from me».

That’s so many questions! i’ll try to organize them all:

1) I would like to know if they would accept my already passed exams there or if I would have to repeat them. First I was told that only 50% of all my credits would be accepted

2) I am also wondering how this whole CBC thing works, How much time would this whole process take?

3) Aren’t there any classes in March?


1) That’s a unknown process for me, i have no idea what they would have in mind to aprove or not «certain courses or progress» i heard they have to evaluate if the credits are accord the career «the common form and matters».

You should have in mind that you have to validate everything through the HAYA, also you must translate your secondary school degree to spanish with a certified translator (Escribano certificado) in Argentina, that’s mandatory.

A friend of mine told me it’s pretty hard the approve your cursed studies, probably you’ll have to start again, but it depends of what university you come from and what matters you saw, the only way to get info about that is asking to the UBA directly.

2) The CBC takes a whole year, you have to see this matters:

[li]sociedad y estado[/li]
[li]introduccion al pensamiento cientifico[/li]
[li]quimica y matemática[/li]

fisica is correlative of matemática and biología of química, it’s mandatory to aprove them, if you fail in one of those, you’ll have to wait 4 months to present it again.

Commonly people takes over a year to aprove the CBC.

And you’ll present some exams, i suggest and it’s important to aprove everything, in medicine you have «like 1 chance» to aprove or u’ll have to wait another whole year to study that matter again.

If you think you need help with the CBC i know a place where there’s additional clasess and isn’t really expensive.

3) You only have two chances to suscribe or «get a spot» in the UBA. The registration for first semester it’s already open since oct 3 to november 23.

The second chance, it’s the second semester, normally it goes in Febreaury and March.

Everyone suggest to come at least 2 months before the registrations so you could put your papers in order.

I think that’s it, excuse my poor english and i hope u’ll found this usefull in someway.

btw: don’t forget to get your «Residencia Temporaria» it’ important in order to live, work and study in Argentina, you’ll get a lof of information asking in the DNM:

Best regards.