Re: How to study in Argentina?


You’re welcome 😉

fyi i don’t used to play FIFA because i don’t like soccer :p, i played strategy video games and i had to learn english or korean, obviously english was the easy way (i still practicing basic korean).

Don’t be affraid, there’s a lot of foreign people here studying, you aren’t the only one.

Obviously, don’t try to contact the university, try to reach the faculty of your career, here’s what you need to contact them:

Facultad de Medicina – UBA – 2010 – Paraguay 2155, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina (C1121ABG)
Conmutador: (54+11) 5950-9500

Departamento de Medicina
Consultas sobre ingreso a la Facultad:
Dirección de Admisión – Interno: 2008 –

Consultas sobre la Carrera de Medicina:
Dirección de Alumnos – Interno: 2020 –

Consejo Directivo
+54 (11) 5950-9574
+54 (11) 5950-9500
interno 2047

Decanatura, Secretaría Privada
+54 (11) 5950-9701 (líneas rotativas)
Fax: +54 (11) 5950-9700

i hope u’ll back with good news and tell us about your experience, that would be a great feedback for people in the same situation.

Best wishes and good luck 😉