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Fixes: Consola = «Consulate» Consulado

When you come to Argentina, remember that you must resolve your legal situation in the country by doing the paperwork for Residencia Temporaria. Otherwise you’re only allowed to stay in the country for 90 as tourist.

You can renew your 90 days by leaving the country (to a close country like Uruguay) and coming back immediatly as you can read here.

As you should already know, to get the Residencia Temporaria, you’ll have to have a pre-contract from a Company or get an inscription in an official university recognized by Migraciones Argentina, you’ll get more information by writing to

you have to paths to follow;

1) Get the inscription to the university through the Consulate, by that u’ll have a legal residency in the country (not as tourist, as student that is longer)

2) Come 3 months before inscriptions to the university, get your papers in order, prepare your paperwork and apply in the university directly and paperwork with Migraciones directly as well.

Usually i use to recommend the second option, just because you’ll have to acomplish other processes (that i don’t know) by doing the step one (1) to get your title from the Argentinean University valid to work in the country! as i understand, coming from the Consulate or Embassy make your title invalid to use in Argentina til you do aditional paperwork.

By the second option, you must be sure to get all the documments and paperwork requiered by Migraciones and Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Wih the first option i don’t know if you can work or have to do aditional paperwork to do it.

With the second one, you can work, study and enter or leave the country for two years.

I tried to describe this in the easiest way, but tell me if it isn’t clear.

Lots of hugs.

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